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The Goolwa Gym believes in a holistic and complete approach to personal training and our Head Coach TROY BENSON has learnt from cutting edge leaders in fitness, to deliver a world class bespoke personal training program.

Your fitness journey begins with an in-depth lifestyle consult and movement screening session so we can gain a good understanding of your starting point and tailor our expertise to meet your specific needs.

From the initial consult, we will design a bespoke program for you that is easy to understand and follow while being safe and effective.

We will also teach you about healthy sustainable nutrition and help you with tools, tips and tricks to make behaviour change so easy that the progress you make becomes a part of the new you,

living, looking and feeling fantastic!

Head over to our TESTIMONIALS page to see how our bespoke programs has changed the lives of our clients.

Contact us today to set up your initial consult with one of our team and get your fitness journey started.

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